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  • What is a Community Foundation?
    A Foundation pools all of its charitable gifts into one investment pot and uses the earnings for the betterment of the community. The money earned off that investment is distributed as grants to not-for-profits.
  • How are my funds protected?
    We utilize a team of investment research advisors to determine an overall game plan and ideal targets for our investments. We utilize several skilled financial advisors to put that game plan into action.
  • What is an endowed fund?
    With a minimum dollar amount, donors establish an endowment. An endowed fund is a gift that is invested. Each year a portion of the investment earnings is used to make grants to non-profits. These grants may be donor-advised, or they may be available to the community at-large through the “Community Fund”. The principal of the gift is never touched.
  • What are the types of endowed funds?
    Donors who wish to start a fund have several options: a. Designated Fund – When a donor pre-determines a specific organization to automatically support year after year, this a designated fund. b. Donor-Advised Fund – If a donor wants the ability to choose the organization being supported from year to year, this is a donor-advised fund. Annually the fund owner evaluates and chooses what organizations they want to support, based on what’s happening at the time. c. Scholarship Fund – helps support the continuing education of students based on specific criteria that the fund holder outlines. d. Field of Interest Funds – rather than supporting specific organizations, these funds support general causes. For example, rather than specifically supporting Big Brothers/Big Sisters, a Youth Field of Interest would support any organization that assists in youth development. e. Community Fund – this fund helps general community projects, often through an application process. 501c(3) organizations come up with an idea and apply for the funding to carry out the project.
  • How are funds dispersed?
    Community Fund dollars are dispersed through a grant process. 501(c)3 non-profits with a project can apply for funding at various times of the year. Applications are reviewed by a committee that recommends action, which in turn goes before the board for a full vote.
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