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Empower Your Nonprofit

The Community Foundation is here to help your organization to succeed! But before you start your application, be sure to review our guidelines and learn more about the various types of grants we offer.

Grant Eligibility

  • Type of Organization:  Grantees must be registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization under the Internal Revenue Code, a governmental agency, or a qualified educational institution.

  • Geographic Area: DCCF grants are only awarded to organizations benefiting Decatur County residents. Organizations need not be located in Decatur County, but the program must benefit our community.

  • Funding Areas: Most of our grantmaking efforts are centered around the areas of civic and community, education, health and human services, arts and literacy, historic preservation, safety, and youth and recreation.

  • High Funding Priorities:

    • New and innovative projects or programs, including startups

    • Projects which Foundation funds can be used as match, seed money, or challenge grant funding from other donors

    • Projects which will make a significant impact in the community

    • Projects which act as a catalyst for action and community participation

  • Low Funding Priorities:

    • Individuals, except in the form of scholarships

    • Programs that fall appropriately under government funding

    • Projects where DCCF is the sole funder

    • Projects considered part of the school curriculum

    • Attendance to conferences, seminars, or other similar events

    • Advertising

  • Not Funded:

    • Make-up for operating deficits

    • Political activities

    • Post-event or after-the-fact situations

    • Debt reduction
    • Ongoing operating expenses (with the exception of Sustainability Grants)

    • Religious organizations for religious purposes

    • Individual and team travel expenses
    • Creation of an endowment
    • Annual appeals

Large Project Grants

Large Project Grants support large-scale projects that will have the maximum impact in Decatur County. Learn more about Large Project Grants! →

Small Project Grants

Small grants help organizations get the ball rolling on smaller-scale projects within the community. Learn more about Small Project Grants! →

Thank-a-Teacher Grants

Thank-a-Teacher grants benefit creative teachers looking to implement projects when funding is not available in the school's normal operating budget. Learn more about Thank-a-Teacher Grants! →

Women's Fund Grants

Women's Fund grants provide funding for programming that empowers women and children. Learn more about Women's Fund Grants! →

Ag Field of Interest Grants

Ag grants are designed to provide support for nonprofit agricultural programming, training, and education. Learn more about Ag Field of Interest Grants! →

Frequently asked questions

Is my organization eligible to receive a DCCF grant?

The Community Foundation grants to public charities designated under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, as well as governmental agencies and educational institutions. To qualify, organizations must also serve the residents of Decatur County.

How do I know if my organization aligns with the Foundation's grantmaking guidelines? Can I meet with a staff member to discuss my funding needs?

Absolutely! We are here to serve you. Just give us a call at the office at 812-662-6364 or email us at

Can my organization receive more than one grant per year?

Yes! The only exception is that organizations cannot receive more than one large grant within a three-cycle period. So, if your organization receives a large grant in Cycle 1 of this year, you'll have to wait until Cycle 1 of next year to apply again.

Are grants funded over multiple years?

Grants are typically awarded in one-time allotments to organizations unless our Board approves a different funding plan. This is done on a grant-by-grant basis. The only exception is Sustainability Grants, which provide up to $1,500 per year for three years based on a single application and annual reporting.

Can I apply for a grant from DCCF for a personal need?

As a community foundation, we are legally prohibited from funding requests from individuals. The only exception is scholarships, which are awarded to local students and paid on thier behalf directly to the academic institution of their choosing.

Can my school apply for a grant?

Sure! We love supporting our educators. Twice each year, the Foundation awards Thank-a-Teacher Grants for innovative classroom projects in the amount of $400 or less. However, schools are welcome to apply for almost any other type of grant, as well.

What do you look for in an applicant organization?

Each application is a little different. Here are a few things we look for:

  • Good standing with Secretary of State and Internal Revenue Service.
  • Detailed financial reports.
  • Strong governance.
  • Demonstrated organizational capacity and strong track record.
  • Sustainable plans.

What do you look for in an application?

Successful grant applications have the following elements:

  • Alignment with the Foundation's mission and funding priorities.
  • Demonstration of community need.
  • Organizational health and readiness.
  • Sustainable project plan.
  • Innovative, creative ideas.
  • Collaboration with other community organizations when applicable.
  • Measurable impact.

Does DCCF cover operational overhead expenses like rent/mortgage, salaries, and utilities?

No, but you can check in with our friends at Decatur County United Fund.

Can my church apply for a grant?

Yes! While the Foundation does not grant to religious organizations for religious purposes, we can grant to religious organizations for community purposes. Therefore, grant funding cannot be used only to benefit your congreation, but it can be used for a project that your church is doing to benefit the community as a whole.