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Recovery & Prevention Grant Awarded to Speranza House

GREENSBURG – The Decatur County Community Foundation (DCCF) has distributed its second grant from the newly-created Recovery & Prevention grant allocation to Speranza House. Decatur County has an incredibly strong and unified effort to fight substance abuse and other addictions. Organizations like Speranza House, Foundations for Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, and the Transitional Living Center use a unique approach to fight the hurts, habits, and hang-ups that many in our community have been afflicted by.

Realizing the growing need to support recovery and prevention efforts in our county, the Decatur County Community Foundation’s board of directors allocated $18,000 from their 2020 grantmaking budget to specifically address these efforts. These funds have helped Foundations for Recovery, Greensburg’s men’s recovery home, with their recent expansion into a new home, and they most recently purchased a new security system for Speranza House, the local women’s recovery home.

Speranza House’s newly-hired Executive Director Janell Coomer said, “Without this grant, we wouldn’t be able to move into our new home. We are so thankful for this opportunity from the Community Foundation!”

“This is no ordinary recovery house,” Alex Sefton, Public Relations Manager for the Community Foundation, said, “I am constantly amazed by the level of love and care they show each one of their clients. They are doing great things, and the Foundation is pleased to be a small part of their success!”

All funds are allocated by the DCCF Board of Directors with the help of the Foundation’s new Recovery & Prevention Committee chaired by local attorney and DCCF Vice President, Stephanie Kress.

The Decatur County Community Foundation is among the first in the nation to designate funds for this specific purpose, and it will continue to be an active partner in the fight against substance abuse in our county. Any other Decatur County organizations that are active partners in this fight are invited to apply for funding through DCCF’s Recovery & Prevention program. Email Alex Sefton at or call the office at 812-662-6364 to learn more.

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