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Stories from the Grantees: Indiana Pioneer Days

In March, Mandy Messer from North Decatur Elementary School received a small grant from Decatur County Community Foundation. This grant will help fund The Hoosier Pioneer Living History performance, a presentation about life from 1770-1810. Topics include trapping, militia service, Indian affairs, tools, weapons and frontier clothing.

Through this grant each student will receive his own "Little House in the Big Woods" book to learn about early pioneer settlements.

"We are so fortunate to have an organization like DCCF that supports educational programs in our school. The Living History presentation, 'Hoosier Pioneer,' with Kevin Stonerock helped students make the real life connection to the area of study in history and reading." said Mandy. "Students were actively engaged and excited to participate in the step-out-of- the-era presentation."

Small Grants are due the fifth day of each month and provide up to $1,500 to organizations looking to implement small-scale projects with a big impact.

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