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Youth Philanthropy Council Holds First Meeting

We couldn't be more excited about the future of the DCCF Youth Philanthropy Council! Our first meeting was a great success. It included an overview of the Community Foundation's mission, the YPC's mission, and a deep dive into the pillars of our Council: Leadership, Generosity, Service, and Engagement.

Our members discussed what it means to be a leader. Among our group, we have leaders in Student Council, Junior Optimist Club, Key Club, Academic Team, sports teams, and more! We discussed how leadership has nothing to do with statuses or titles. Leadership is defined by our ability to inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more.

We also discussed issues that face youth today, including drug and alcohol abuse, the cleanliness of our community, mental health, and more. For a group of students who didn't know each other going into the evening, they had a great discussion, and it is easy to tell that they are natural leaders!

Our next meeting is scheduled for June 10, where our Council will hear from Greensburg Mayor Joshua Marsh and a panel of local leaders including Economic Development Director Bryan Robbins, Chamber of Commerce Director Jeff Emsweller Tourism Director Philip Deiwert, and our Executive Director Tami Wenning.

If you have questions about the YPC, we invite you to ask any of our members or contact the Community Foundation office!

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