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Youth + Philanthropy

Here at DCCF, we believe in the power of young people. The Youth Philanthropy Council promotes youth development in the areas of philanthropy and leadership, encourages community initiatives that address the concerns of youth, and utilizes the skills and passions of youth to promote the common good of Decatur County.

Mission of the Council

To philanthropically improve the lives of those in Decatur County by leveraging the skills and passions of young people.

Roles and Responsibilities of Members:

  • Learn how philanthropy works and apply knowledge to address community needs.

  • Promote the work of the Community Foundation in local schools.

  • Aid in fundraising for youth initiatives as needed.

  • Oversee an annual grantmaking budget.

  • Determine annual program focus and grantmaking guidelines.

  • Research community issues and needs affecting youth.

  • Plan and conduct effective meetings.

  • Make decisions based on teamwork and group consensus.

  • Impartially evaluate grant applications based on merit and perceived impact for youth.

  • Meet with applicants on an as-needed basis.

  • Create widespread awareness for the YPC.

  • Participate in Community Foundation events and other initiatives when available.

Benefits of Participating in the YPC

Participating in the YPC is guaranteed to be a valuable experience for students. Not only will you learn more about the needs of the community and be able to help meet them,  but you'll also build your resume, meet professional references for post-secondary applications, and participate in networking opportunities with successful leaders in the community.

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