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Youth + Philanthropy

Here at DCCF, we believe in the power of young people! The Youth Philanthropy Council is launching in 2021 to (1) promote youth development in the areas of philanthropy and leadership, (2) encourage community initiatives that address the concerns of youth, and (3) utilize the skills and passions of youth to promote the common good of Decatur County.

Mission of the Council

To philanthropically improve the lives of those in Decatur County by leveraging the skills and passions of young people.

Roles and Responsibilities of Members:

  • Learn how philanthropy works and apply knowledge to address community needs.

  • Promote the work of the Community Foundation in local schools.

  • Aid in fundraising for youth initiatives as needed.

  • Oversee an annual grantmaking budget.

  • Determine annual program focus and grantmaking guidelines.

  • Research community issues and needs affecting youth.

  • Plan and conduct effective meetings (likely after school hours).

  • Make decisions based on teamwork and group consensus.

  • Impartially evaluate grant applications based on merit and perceived impact for youth.

  • Meet with applicants on an as-needed basis.

  • Create widespread awareness for the YPC.

  • Participate in Community Foundation events and other initiatives when available.

Benefits of Participating in the YPC

Participating in the YPC is guaranteed to be a valuable experience for students! Not only will you learn more about the needs of the community and be able to help meet them, students who are selected will receive a $500 scholarship upon the completion of their term, a great résumé builder, professional references for post-secondary applications, and networking opportunities with successful leaders in the community!

What Will I Learn?

The program is divided into two phases: education + planning and implementation. As a YPC member, you will spend the first half of your experience learning about philanthropy and nonprofit leadership. The program will start in May 2021 and last until April 2022.

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Alex Sefton

Public Relations Manager


May: Intro to YPC

  • Introduce committee members.

  • Review the mission and vision of the YPC.

  • Review the roles and responsibilities of each committee member.

  • Election of officers.

Tami Wenning.jpg


Tami Wenning

Executive Director


July: Philanthropy

  • What is philanthropy?

  • What is the impact of philanthropy?

  • How are charity and philanthropy different?

  • Is philanthropy only for the rich?

  • How can young people inspire the generosity of our community to create a lasting impact?

Angela Byers.jpg


Angela Byers

Director of Community Development Administration

First Financial Bank

September: Board Governance

  • What is the purpose of a nonprofit board of directors?

  • Why do boards of directors exist?

  • What is the role of a board?

  • How can the YPC employ effective governance?

  • Crash course on Robert’s Rules of Order



Eric Raver


Raver CPA Group, PC

November: Accounting & Finance

  • What is the role of accounting/finance in the nonprofit world?

  • Topics in accounting and finance that pertain to nonprofits.



Joshua Marsh, JD


City of Greensburg

With Panelists:

  • Bryan Robbins, EDC

  • Jeff Emsweller, Chamber

  • Philip Deiwert, Tourism

  • Tami Wenning, DCCF

June: Assessing Community Needs

  • Why should we care about community needs?

  • What is the most effective way to gain feedback from the community?

  • How is a community survey completed?

  • What is Decatur County’s approach to community visioning?



David Fry, MPS, CDT


Effective Advancement Strategies

August: Strategic Planning

  • What is the purpose of strategic planning in nonprofits?

  • What strategies can organizations use to plan for the future?

  • How should the mission inform the plan?

  • How can the YPC employ a strategic plan?

Bobbi Ebbing.jpg


Bobbi Ebbing


BE Creative

October: Marketing

  • What is the purpose of marketing?

  • How do nonprofits market?

  • How does marketing differ in nonprofits and for-profits?

  • What are the goals of nonprofit marketing?

  • Practical tips for nonprofit marketing.

Alex Sefton.jpg


Alex Sefton

Public Relations Manager


With Panelists:

  • Mandy Lohrum, Girls Inc.

  • Lori Durbin, Greensburg-Decatur County Public Library

December: Grantmaking

  • What is the purpose of grantmaking?

  • How do grants impact local nonprofits?

  • How does grantmaking work at DCCF?