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Executive Director


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Give to Your Community Foundation

Established by dedicated community members in 1992, Decatur County Community Foundation exists to inspire the generosity of our community to create a lasting impact.

Here to help you accomplish your charitable goals.

Thanks to the dedication of numerous community members who have invested both time and treasure, DCCF is a permanent philanthropic vehicle for our community and a versatile, tax-exempt tool that will be here long after we are. The beauty of community foundations is that they can help you carry out almost any charitable wish! There are also many convenient ways to give, from simple gifts through cash and credit to more complex gifts like real estate and IRA rollovers. Giving to your Community Foundation is super easy and super impactful!  

How do foundations work?

We're glad you asked! Foundations are ​built for perpetuity. DCCF will be here long after we're gone. When you give a donation to the Community Foundation, our Board of Directors with the help of the experts on our Investment Committee manage every dollar that comes through the door. It is wisely invested and protected so that it grows over time. This plan has allowed our Foundation to grow to over $24 million in net assets, making your Community Foundation one of the best-supported organizations in the County.

Where does the money go?

Through your generosity, DCCF invests in causes and people throughout Decatur County through a combination of grants, scholarships, and community leadership activities. When you give, you can give locally or use us as your vehicle to invest in other communities and causes that are near and dear to your heart. When you give to the Community Fund, your money is guaranteed to stay local, but with a donor-advised fund (DAF), your funds can further any charitable cause across the nation. In total, DCCF has mobilized over $15 million to hundreds of great causes since inception.

Show Decatur County you care.

Local-impact grants are made from the DCCF Community Fund. Every dollar given to a community fund was given by someone who trusts the Foundation to grant dollars to high-impact causes. Without these generous individuals, the Foundation could not fulfill its mission. Thanks to those who invest themselves in this cause, we are able to pave the way for a greater tomorrow for everyone ... right here at home!

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