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Starting Your Fund

You are unique. Your philanthropic interests are unique. Your gift may be unique. We get it! And that's why we're here. To uniquely connect your generosity with your passions!

Donors must invest $10,000 to start any type of fund with the Decatur County Community Foundation. This can be in the form of a one-time gift or given in installments over a five (or less)-year period.

Community Funds: Big Investments in Decatur County

A Community Fund allows you to make a charitable gift that meets the ever-changing community needs in Decatur County. These funds are great because they help our community now and in the future by providing vital support for needs that we may not even be able to anticipate at the time the gift is given.

These funds give our board and staff the ability to do what they do best: determine where the greatest needs in the community lie and leveraging our asset base to accomplish great things!

Community Funds invest in Decatur County over the long haul, and they enable us to be a part of long-term solutions and meet the ever-changing needs of our neighbors.

Field of Interest Funds: Target a Broad Area

Field of Interest Funds provides you the opportunity to pinpoint a specific area of philanthropic interest. You identify an area you are especially passionate about, and the Community Foundation will award grants to community organizations and programs that satisfy your intents.

Your area of interest can be as wide or as narrow as you'd like. Either way, we're here for you! Our staff and board constantly have a pulse on the needs of our community, which assures you that your fund will always have a big impact.

Designated Funds: Support Organizations You Care About

A Designated Fund allows you to support the organizations you care about most. For example, many donors have used this type of fund to provide ongoing support to their church, school, and favorite charities.

We make the process super easy for you! You will select the organization(s) you'd like to support, and we administer the annual distribution of the funds forever. This helps ensure that your chosen nonprofits will have long-term sustainability. You may ask, "What happens if my favorite organization(s) cease to exist?" We will redirect your annual distribution to similar organizations that fulfill a similar purpose.

Donor-Advised Funds: Be An Active Philanthropist

Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) allow you to be an active part of your ongoing philanthropic goals. DAFs are perfect for those who want to be involved. These funds are often the best option for those with a wide variety of charitable interests. With this option, you are able to select the organizations you support from year-to-year.

Scholarship Funds: Invest in the Next Generation

A Scholarship Fund helps local students pursue his/her educational dreams after high school. Scholarship criteria can be as broad or specific as you'd like to set it. Some are given only to students at one of the area high schools. Some are for athletes of a certain sport. Some are for those pursuing a certain major. Some are for those attending a certain school. And some are a combination of all of the above! In any case, you can rest assured knowing that your gift will help local students achieve their postsecondary goals!

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