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Grantee Stories: Hands of Hope Food Pantry Equipment

Last April, the Hands of Hope Food Pantry at Lifeline Wesleyan Church received a large grant from Decatur County Community Foundation. The grant allowed the pantry to purchase racking, refrigeration, a narrow pallet jack, and a lift table.

The increased cold storage, adjustable work stations, and improved freight movement have “been a game changer,” said Roger Wessel, Director of Hands of Hope. “We are now able to take advantage of bulk food opportunities that we were never able to do before. (We can store) produce and refrigerated goods we previously had to pass on! Thank you DCCF.”

Together with our generous donors, the Decatur County Community Foundation is creating lasting impacts for groups like the Hands of Hope Food Pantry.  If you are interested in being a part of this kind of impact, now is the perfect time to act! Thanks to the Lilly Endowment GIFT VIII, every donation to a Community Fund is currently being matched $2:$1. Contact us to learn more.    

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