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Kristin Lee Burry Memorial Scholarship Fund

Kristin Lee Burry was just 10-years-old when she passed away in November 2005. Though severely brain damaged since birth due to complications of an unexpected breech birth, she spent a decade positively impacting the lives of those who knew her. "We want her life to be remembered as something God used for good," said Kristin's mother, Jodi Vicena. "We were blessed with so many special people who were involved in Kristin's care through the years," Jodi explained. "Some of her doctors, nurses, therapists and teachers became our extended family as they touched her heart and ours, making an impact we will never forget."

Because Kristin's mom and her dad wanted to likewise make an impact in their daughter's memory, they recently established the Kristin Burry Memorial Scholarship Fund. "Our goal is to provide financial help and encouragement to a student pursuing a degree in one of the careers that was so instrumental in making a difference in our family's life through their involvement in Kristin's care through the years," said Kristin's mom. Students interested in studying nursing, special education or ministry are eligible to apply. Applicants are limited to North Decatur graduates. North is where Kristin would have graduated in 2013, and where her dad, Mark, taught and coached for 25 years. The first recipient of the Kristin Burry Memorial Scholarship will be announced this spring.

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