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Stories from the Grantees: Feeding the Community Fresh Produce Expansion Project

Feeding the Community Fresh Produce Expansion Project- Westport Christian Church

Decatur County Community Foundation recently granted Westport Christian Church a large

grant to help provide fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other important staples to those in need to eliminate hunger in the community.

With the completion of the project, Westport Christian Church not only increased its cool room capacity but also improve the quality of food it provides. The church built a pallet rack storage system and a means to transport the food in and out of the facility via carts.

Before the expansion project Westport Christian Church was able to feed about 150 families a month. Now they are able to feed 340 families monthly.

Scott Henderson, a volunteer on the project said, “The Decatur County Community Foundation has been a true blessing to the Westport Community. With the grant we were given we were able to greatly increase the amount of aid we were able to give the families in our community. We have a wonderful community and we set goals to help the people of Westport anyway we can. With the help of Decatur County Community Foundation, this little town becomes a bit stronger.”

The Decatur County Community Foundation is built to create a lasting impact in our community whether it is through grants, scholarships, or cultivating relationships.

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