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Meet Our New Board Members

Updated: May 23, 2022

Left to Right: Larry Rueff, Carol Koester, Tom Horan

Decatur County Community Foundation recently added three new board members to the team.

Larry Rueff is a semi-retired swine veterinarian who still conducts research on his swine farm. Rueff and his wife have lived in Decatur County for over forty-three years and consider it home.

Agreeing to serve on the board at DCCF allows him to give back to Decatur County. Carol Koester is a lifetime resident of Decatur County. She currently helps her husband run his business, K-Fab, Inc., but in the past has taught mathematics at each of the three local schools in the county. Carol is happy to be on the board so she can get more involved in helping people in Decatur County. "The mission of the Foundation shows our commitment to Decatur County through grants and scholarships," she noted. Tom Horan is a lifetime resident of Decatur County and is the owner and operator of Walters Tire. Being on the board of DCCF will allow him the opportunity to give back to a community that has done so much for him and his family. Being a lifelong resident of Decatur County has given Horan an insight on the needs of this community and what he can do to improve things. The core of the DCCF mission, to leave a lasting impact, resonates with Horan as he feels making the community a prosperous environment for generations to come is important, and a value that he seeks to uphold for himself and his family.

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