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Mystery Donor Unveiled

Linemen. Electricians. Carpenters. Mechanics. Hairstylists. As the need for skilled workers in trades like these continues to grow, supporters of the Decatur County Community Foundation have established a scholarship to help meet the demand.

The Rhodes-DeMoss Family Vocational Scholarship was established by former residents, Jay and Libby (Rhodes) DeMoss. Jay was a lifelong contractor who passed away in December of 2021. Libby was a former administrator for Greensburg schools. Their support of the vocations was so strong that they also established the Mystery Donor Scholarship, a way to pique curiosity and bring attention to the trades field.

Both the Rhodes-Demoss Family Vocational Scholarship and the Mystery Donor Scholarship are for students seeking certification in an occupation considered a skilled trade. The scholarships are available to high school graduates of North Decatur High School, South Decatur High School, and Greensburg Community High School.

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