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Retirement and Personal Planning

Retirement​ is supposed to be the "happily ever after" phase of life, but it requires a great deal of preparation. Charitable retirees can structure their assets in ways that work for them and make a difference in our community.

A Gift from Your IRA — A Simple and Smart Way to Give

This e-book discusses the tax benefits of qualified charitable distributions, and the basics of gifting from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Click here to download!

Gift Planning Quick Guide

This e-book shares the how and why of giving different types of gifts. Click here to download!

Increase Your Retirement Income with a Deferred Gift Annuity

This e-book shares how donors can increase retirement income through gift annuities and the benefits of doing so. Click here to download!

Personal Financial Affairs — Your Book of Records

This e-book can serve as your client's handy guide for his/her personal financial records. Click here to download!

Retirement Plan Assets

This e-book shares information on retirement planning, including the types of retirement plans that are best for making charitable gifts.  Click here to download!

Retirement Planning and Charitable Giving

This e-book shares provides resources on retirement planning that will allow your clients to give at every stage of life in ways that work for them.  Click here to download!

Retirement Planning — With Savvy Giving, Everyone Wins

This e-book shares five scenarios to consider regarding retirement planning. When donors give.  Click here to download!

Smart Personal Planning Strategies

This e-book shares long-term strategies to maximize the impact of a donor's charitable gift. Click here to download!

Year-End Planning

This e-book shares some of the wisest ways to leverage year-end gifts for maximum impact. Click here to download!


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