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When a donor transfers money or property to a trust, it removes the property from the donor's estate and allows the donor to enjoy an immediate income tax deduction if he/she itemizes. The trustee pays the donor a lifetime income, and when you pass, the remaining assets are transferred to the Foundation.

A Charitable Lead Trust — How to Give and Pass Wealth to Heirs

This e-book discusses how charitable lead trusts work, how they reduce taxes, and the financial implications that apply to charitable lead trusts. Click here to download!

Charitable Remainder Trusts: Frequently Asked Questions

This e-book discusses the purpose of a charitable remainder trust, the types of trusts, and the reasons to create a charitable remainder trust. Click here to download!

Charitable Remainder Trusts

This e-book discusses the benefits of charitable remainder trusts, as well as how the donor can save on taxes, enjoy a lifetime income, and benefit the Foundation. Click here to download!

Trusts in Financial and Gift Planning

This e-book discusses what a trust is, how to establish a trust in a will, and the benefits of a revocable living. Click here to download!