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Spring Thank-a-Teacher Grants Awarded

The Community Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of the Spring Cycle of Thank-A-Teacher Grants. More than $6,500 was awarded. We thank all donors and supporters who have made this program possible. Grant recipients included: North Decatur Schools

  • Jackie Blair - Sensation Station for grades K-6

  • Elizabeth Fry - Mother's Day project involving second graders and high school ag students

  • Katy Prairie - Sketchbooks for third graders

  • Linda Smith - KEVA planks for second grade STEM learning

  • Brittany Welsh - STEM Learning for second graders

South Decatur Schools

  • Donnie Barber - Virtual field trips for 8th grade US History students

  • Lisa Bryant - United States/Capitals Projects for fifth graders

  • Felicia Harrison - Purchase novels for 7th graders

  • Kay Smith - 3D printer to calculate volumes for 12th-grade calculus students

  • Nicole Stone - Intervention Library for grades K-6

Greensburg Community Schools

  • Kym Bausback - Sensory bins for fifth graders

  • Emily Baute - Writing center for preschoolers

  • Virgie Dugle - All Hands on Deck Project for special education students

  • Ivory Gunter - Paperback novels for fifth graders

  • Heather Huffmeyer - Writing center for preschoolers

  • Pam Pratt - English learners reading program for second and third graders

St. Mary's School

  • Jennifer Blankman - STEM activities for first graders

Good Shepherd Christian Academy

  • Denise Collins - Adjustable portable basketball system for school playground

  • Stephanie Ogle - Online math fact fluency program for third through fifth grades

The next round of Thank-a-Teacher Grants will be available to apply from September 1 - September 30. For more information on DCCF's grantmaking efforts, please contact Alex Sefton at 812.662.6364 or

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