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Stories from the Grantees: Awareness in the Library

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

“I started up an Awareness in the Library monthly program. The money from the grant was used to help me get the students into the library and then learn about a national topic of concern for that month. Some of the topics that were showcased were Suicide Prevention, American Heart Health, Breast Cancer, Thankful Month, and Stress Awareness. I have displays setup in the library every month. The display would provide information about the topic, books from the library that dealt with the subject, and some sort of take away item the students could have. Take away items ranged from silicone bracelets to pencils to stress balls. The students know these topics but are also given the chance to talk about them. By having this monthly display, the students are talking now. Students are finding that they have a place to ask questions and to share stories. They are talking about topics that really impact everyone's lives in some way. Students are realizing that they are not alone and by reaching out they can not only help themselves, but others too. Awareness in the Library is allowing them to understand that it is fine to not be fine. This grant has helped in providing an area where students can get information that is easily assessable to all. It has also helped to increase the usage of the library. I have had many students come in for the Awareness in the Library information and check out a book. Increasing students who read for enjoyment is a goal of mine as the librarian.”

-Tracy Smith, Librarian at North Decatur High School

Tracy was able to start Awareness in the Library thanks to a small grant from Decatur County Community Foundation.

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