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Stories from the Grantees: Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry is making a positive impact on the quality of life for Hoosiers by providing nutritious meat (protein) to hunger relief agencies within Indiana...

One Pound at a Time.

In 2021, Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry received a large grant from Decatur County Community Foundation. The grant requested to pay the processing fee on donated deer and livestock to ‘Meat the Need’ with the resulting meat being distributed to hunger-relief agencies within Decatur County.

Fund Development Director, Katie DeForest, stated, “Thanks in part to this grant, we were able to provide 2,797 pounds of meat to Decatur County throughout our past fiscal year: 1,654 pounds of pork, 714 pounds of beef, and 429 pounds of venison. Of this, the $3,000 from the Community Foundation provided 1,807 pounds. This meat was processed within Decatur County at Sugar Rock Farm Meats in Westport, as well as processors nearby at Myers Frozen Foods Provisioners in St. Paul, Napoleon Locker Plant in Napoleon, and Wayne's Meats in Milan. It was then given to Greensburg Community Bread of Life, Westport Christian Church Food Pantry, and St. Mary's Pantry for distribution to residents of Decatur County in need of food assistance. One story we received that really touched us is: "One woman came in for some much-needed food assistance. As she looked over our frozen meat section, she exclaimed, "You have deer meat!" As we struck up a conversation, she shared with me that her ex-husband used to hunt and that her kids all grew up eating venison. She was now raising the children on her own, and they had not enjoyed venison in quite a while. "It will be such a treat for them!" she said.

Decatur County Community Foundation has three large grant cycles each year. To learn more about the large grant process visit

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