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Stories from the Grantees: The Ark

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

The Ark is a men’s recovery house providing affordable housing, accountability, and the necessary tools to live a substance-free lifestyle. In 2021, The Ark received a Recovery & Prevention Grant to help the ARK complete necessary renovations to receive Indiana Alliance of Recovery Residences (INNAR) Certification.

“Our clients get to have a kitchen comparable to that of a kitchen you would find in a new construction home. It is beautiful, clean, and up-to-date. The gentlemen love being able to cook their meals and make dishes sometimes even for each other. There is seating in the kitchen area which is where they share stories and talk about their day. This room has created excitement within the Center and given the clients something to appreciate and take care of. It is a win-win for everyone!” – Christie McLaughlin, Board President

Did you know?

Decatur County Community Foundation is one of the first community foundations in the state to set aside funding for organizations that are specifically fighting substance abuse.

The Recovery + Prevention Grant has four cycles each year; visit to learn more about the grant and how to apply.

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