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Stories from the Grantees: Knights of St. John Special Education Dinner

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

The Special Education Dinner was established as a means to give back and help support the special education teachers in our community.

"The extra finances that we received from this grant helped the local special education teachers of our community tremendously. With this grant, each special education teacher was able to buy much needed supplies for their classroom to help their students that otherwise they may not have been able to, or would have been difficult to acquire. It was with great joy and pleasure that we were able to do this for them, and we will continue to aid them in the future. " -Chris Menkedick, Board Treasurer and Secretary

Knights of St. John, Special Education Dinner received a Small Grant from the Decatur County Community Foundation.

Small Project Grants provide up to $1,500 to organizations looking to implement small-scale projects with a big impact.

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